Early War Miniatures Welcomes you to our Web store.  

We design and manufacture all our own products and sell a few select products from other business and friends that compliments what we do. Currently we offer in excess of 1900 products with more being added most weeks. Now we only sell two sets of rules and our stance if, if we don’t like the rules and have not played them, we wont sell them.  Chain of Command for WW2 and Crush the Kaiser for WW1 are both excellent and highly recommended rule  sets. 

We offer a range of miniatures and models from WW1 to WW2 with lots of interesting things for “in between”.  

We also design and make scenic accessories and terrain including our unique Trench systems with magnetic locking.  Highly detailed and flexible roads, tracks  and   rivers.     

The WW1 ranges are under the OTT or "Over The Top" section. It’s a growing range including Middle East, Western Front both early and late periods.  Interwar is a growing section for us and we are fortunate to be able to offer The excellent Giesbers Models and our own models covering this period. Jan Giebers has kindly allowed us to make “wargaming versions” of some of his excellent models and  patterns.            

WW2 from Early to the late war periods. The early war is my favourite period of WW2, no surprises there really. Our range of French army is unsurpassed in 20mm scale. Other nations and armies from this period are very well covered. The second half of WW2 is covered by our expanding 20mmZone ranges. These cover the later war period till war end.    

Best thing is, its all in glorious 20mm scale.

See our model Trench's  video - click here :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZDFtUslHXA 

NEWS ……… News……….. News…………  

This Web site and WEBSTORE is being rebuilt. We are currently working on replacing this webstore. Appologies for the lack of updates to Shows for 2016 and in other places. We hope to have the new EWM WEBSTORE up and running in September. Newsletter subscribers, thank you for your patience, the new webstore will have a great newsletter function.

Shows have been updated now - so we are NOT at Colours in September, but if your going and spend over £50 on our products, we will send it to you POST free. just check out as "collect from store" and mention you are going to colours in the text field. We are off to Germany again for the international Small scale event with our Dutch and German friends to trade at this show.

We have amassed a whole load of new releases, but will expose them all on the new website. How exciting!

Derby is our next show in GB, see you there.

Dont forget to visit and like our EWM face book page which can be found at :  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.956186074428361.1073741910.585343228179316&type=3&uploaded=8#!/earlywarminiatures 

As always, thank you for your business,

Paul and Peter 

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